Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Taps Mendez, Rogoff for Key DOT Spots (Better Roads)
  • Foxx Rallies with Unions on Highway Trust Fund (USA Today)
  • Shuster Faces Primary Next Tuesday (The Hill)
  • “Bike to Work Day” Is Already the Culture in D.C. (WaPo)
  • Missouri Voters to Decide on Sales Tax Increase for Transpo (Columbia Daily Trib)
  • Why Seattle Suburbanites Can’t Support Transit Measures as Readily as City Dwellers (Grist)
  • How Will the Silver Line Affect the Virginia Burbs? (Next City)
  • Salt Lake City Moves Away From the Car (Time)
  • Could Madison, WI, Replace Messy Intersection With Its Own Millennium Park? (Cap Times)
  • Five Ways to Improve Suburban Sprawl (NationSwell)
  • How Can Middle Tennessee Plan Wisely for Its Population Growth? (Nashville Ledger)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Northern Virginia has decades of terrible construction to contend with before it ever becomes walkable.

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