Today’s Headlines

  • Researchers Introduce International Transit-Oriented Development Scorecard (
  • Work on DC’s Silver Line Nearly Complete (WaPo)
  • Honolulu Updates Feds on High-Speed Rail Project (Pacific Biz News)
  • Thousands in Utah Took Advantage of Free Transit Passes (AP)
  • Texas Could Face Same Obstacles as California on High-Speed Rail (CAHSR Blog)
  • Atlantic Cities Finds Link Between Sprawl and Republicanism
  • Florida’s SunRail Opens Up Development Opportunities (Orlando Biz Journal)
  • How Has Light Rail Fared in Early-Adopting Cities? (Atlantic Cities)
  • New Orleans Celebrates Third Annual Bike-to-Work Day (Times-Picayune)
  • Poughkeepsie Journal: Mid Hudson-Valley Has Great Potential for Smart Growth

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. The sprawl thing isn’t particularly surprising. Republikans are parasites who live off big gubbermint transportation handouts.

    The “how light rail fared” article may contain some interesting metrics, but there is another thing to consider: it’s still cheaper to provide a municipally run light rail (or other transit) system than it is to provide roads and parking space for that many people. If those people didn’t have light rail, they either wouldn’t make their trips, or they’d drive.

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