What Happens When You #ReplaceBikeWithCar

Late last week, somebody started the meme #ReplaceBikeWithCar on Twitter and it really took off.

Zachary Shahan used Storify to put together this collection of the most thought-provoking quips. As Robert Prinz showed with his altered news items, a simple word swap can effectively tease out the absurdity of cultural attitudes toward driving and biking.

All we have to say is, bravo and keep ’em coming.


Wednesday’s Headlines

Presidential candidates Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar highlighted their support for passenger rail while campaigning in Nevada. (Roll Call) Axios (late to the party!) says that there’s more evidence that ride-hailing services are making traffic congestion worse. Uber is further disrupting the taxi industry by … letting people call an Uber like they […]

Tuesday’s Headlines

The number of annual trips made on foot or by bike in the U.S. didn’t change between 2001 and 2017. That’s because our streets continue to be unsafe for everyone. Yes, more adults are taking the risk, but they’re increasingly less likely to let their children walk or ride a bike, contributing to an obesity […]