Parking Madness: Rochester vs. Miami

We’re seeing all sorts of parking craters as the 2014 Parking Madness tournament rolls on: pockmarked craters, endless abysses, deep caverns. Excess parking in cities takes many forms. And so we ask you to help us judge which is the worst, using the only method that can be applied consistently across all parking craters — online polling.

Up today, we have a wintry northeastern burgh and a sunny Florida metropolis: It’s Rochester vs. Miami.

Let’s start off with Rochester:


Submitter Matthew Denker describes the empty heart of this grotesque parking cluster: “It’s an intersection with surface parking at all 4 corners. There is literally no reason to have a road here when it’s just a sea of parking. Even better (worse) you can see a massive parking garage on the left edge on the same block, and if you move just a hair north, you can see a park that was cut in half by a highway. And of course the area used to be the main square of Rochester and where the town Christmas tree was raised.”

Interestingly, Rochester recently received some funds to fill in portions of the Inner Loop highway, shown at the very top. Unfortunately, it’s not this part of town that will see the improvement, says Denker.

Now, on to Miami:


Submitter Rob Wag tells us these shadowy, cavernous craters are made worse by their location: “Million dollar parking views, overlooking the Miami River and Biscayne Bay.”

Perhaps there’s hope for Miami, however, as some developers are constructing new residential towers with no on-site parking whatsoever.


Which city has the worst parking crater?

  • Rochester (91%, 474 Votes)
  • Miami (9%, 47 Votes)

Total Voters: 519

10 thoughts on Parking Madness: Rochester vs. Miami

  1. The scrub parcel in Miami is not really a parking lot. It was recently purchased by a developer for like $40 million. It’s temporary storing cars that are working on a adjacent project.

  2. Not only is Rochester a sad, sad example of the parking problem we have in our cities as a result of urban renewal, it will UNDOUBTEDLY win this entire bracket. That is HORRENDOUS.

  3. It’s going to be a battle with Detroit! Rochesterains are well informed of their parking burden

  4. It is sad to see my beloved hometown of Rochester included in this dubious contest. What is surely worse, however, is that many locals (especially suburbanites), complain that there isn’t enough parking or that it should all be free.

  5. It’s probably not obvious, but the main intercity train station for Rochester is two blocks north of this, cut off from the city by that damned Inner Loop expressway.

    The Inner Loop is a lot worse than the parking in Rochester… and I think the Inner Loop is *causing* a lot of the parking lots.

  6. Geez…. tough competition… seriously, Detroit and Rochester should have been seeded in separate divisions.

  7. What’s sad is that it doesn’t look like Miami has a walkway along that river. Even Rochester has riverfront walkways!

  8. What killed downtown Rochester wasn’t parking all by itself. You have a combination of insufficient parking to support more businesses, especially retail, and a public transit system that is absolutely horrible. I can drive to my downtown job and park in my company subsidized parking space in only 15 minutes, but to take the bus would be over an hour, including waiting time for a transfer. And I live practically within sight of a bus stop! And don’t even ask me how bad it is if I have a meeting in the evening, and don’t want to need to have my wife come and get me at my off site appointment that’s right next to a bus stop, or it’ll take me another hour and a half or two hours to get home from a place that is only 20 minutes from where I work!

  9. Agreed! It’s so clear that that “parking lot” on the right in Miami will soon have a building on it.

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