Today’s Headlines

  • Paris Implements Alternate-Day Driving Restrictions Because Smog Matters to Voters (Reuters)
  • As MAP-21 Winds Down, Rep. Hanna Tries to Tack State Infrastructure Banks Onto It (Little Falls Times)
  • Washington Post Editorial: SNCF Should Build Purple Line Despite Holocaust Past
  • Even the “Concern for Bicyclists’ Safety” Trick Wasn’t Enough to Stop King Street Bike Lane (WTOP)
  • Gov. Christie Panders to Motoring Public By Opposing Gas Tax Hike (CBS)
  • Green Lane Project Chooses Denver (and Six More) For a Bike-Friendly Makeover (ABC)
  • Denver May Turn Shoulders into Bus Lanes on I-70 (AP)
  • Should Cities Reject Bad Transit Plans to Await the Perfect One? If You’re Zurich, Maybe (Next City)
  • The New Republic Investigates the “Postmodern, Post-Automotive Generational Shift” Away From Cars