Today’s Headlines

  • Four Dead, 63 Injured in Metro-North Crash in the Bronx (NYT)
  • It’s the Fifth Major Safety Breach in 2013. What’s Going on With Metro-North? (AP)
  • Arrows Point to Passage for Washington State Transpo Bill (Yakima Herald)
  • Is Chicago’s Infrastructure Trust All It’s Cracked Up to Be? (Governing)
  • London “Stop Killing Cyclists” Campaign Holds a Die-In (Huff Po)
  • One Out of Every 44 Pennsylvanians Was Involved in a Traffic Crash Last Year (Pocono Record)
  • A Case For Extending CA HSR to Sacramento, and Against DC-Baltimore Maglev (Ped Observations)
  • Could the U.S. Develop a High-Speed Rail Manufacturing Industry? (Fresno Bee)
  • A Tiny Crustacean Could Spell Big Trouble for Maryland Purple Line (Fox)
  • Development Springs Up Along Planned Streetcar Line in Kansas City (KC Star)
  • What Highway Widening Means to the People Who Live Nearby (Tampa Bay Times)
  • It Doesn’t Matter What Cyclists Wear, Drivers Will Pass Too Close (Med News Today)

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