Today’s Headlines

  • FTA Warns Cincinnati Not to Cancel Streetcar Project (WKRC)
  • Judge Bars California’s Beleaguered High-Speed Rail From Issuing Bonds (Bloomberg)
  • Realtors’ Survey Again Reveals Americans’ Indecision on Smart Growth (Switchboard)
  • A Highway Teardown… in Dallas? (NextCity)
  • An Entire World of Windshield Perspective Sufferers, Shocked By One Man Walking (NYT)
  • San Jose Removes Buffered Bike Lane Installed “In Error” (Systemic Failure)
  • Iowa Considers Using Sales Tax Money for Roads (Sioux City Journal)
  • The “Complex and Urgent” Task of Urbanizing the Office Park (Globe and Mail)
  • Cyclists “Long” to Be Hit to Get Drivers in Trouble, Says Tory Imbecile (HuffPo)
  • Why Immigrants Drive Less (Atlantic Cities)
  • Laborers’ Union President Warns Not to Ignore Infrastructure Maintenance Needs (

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