Today’s Headlines

  • Up for Grabs: The Top Transpo Posts in Nation’s Three Largest Cities (LAT)
  • Bike League Gives Thanks to Gabe Klein and Janette Sadik-Khan
  • Biden, Foxx Pitch Infrastructure in Ohio Today (AP)
  • St. Louis to Link Affordable Housing, Transit (Post-Dispatch)
  • Federal Dollars Hard to Come by for Florida Transpo Projects (Orlando Sentinel)
  • Rural Communities Like Lima, NY, Fight Sprawl, Too (Rochester City Newspaper)
  • Google’s New Home Actually Less Transit-Oriented Than Old One (Atlantic Cities)
  • Two Dallas Transit Programs Aren’t Working as Expected (Dallas News)
  • Op-Ed: Historic Rail Cars Are Nice, But How ‘Bout Some Real Transit in Fort Worth? (Star-Telegram)