Today’s Headlines

  • What Will a Government Shutdown Mean For Federal Transit Support (Transpo Issues Daily)
  • After So Many Last-Minute Saves, Congress Actually Prepares to Go Over the Shutdown Cliff (WaPo)
  • Toyota Exec Expects Car Sales to Tank Next Year (AP)
  • Sen. Boxer Has a New Favorite Transpo Funding Scheme, Advocates Will Take It (The Hill)
  • This Is What Trust Fund Insolvency Looks Like to Idaho (Statesman)
  • With North Carolina Deal, Amtrak Has Now Reached PRIIA Agreements With 12 of 19 States (NCNN)
  • TOD Denialism Alive and Well in Bay Area Suburbs (Marin News)
  • If You’re Against Density, You’re For Sprawl (Vancouver Sun)
  • How Commuting Habits Differ in DC’s Core, Inner Ring, and Outer Ring (WaPo)