Today’s Headlines

  • Reason: Let’s Toll All the Interstates and Go on a Road Expansion Binge (Governing)
  • Washington Post Is Wrong That More Roads Will Solve Congestion in the Exurbs (Sustainable Cities)
  • The Bus Won’t Get Stuck in Traffic — It Will Drive Over It (Good)
  • In Oregon, Driving Peaked in 2000 (Sightline)
  • Designing a City for the Way Women Use It — And No, It Doesn’t Involve Pink Paint (Atlantic Cities)
  • California’s Coming Population Explosion Forces a Choice Between Sprawl and Farmland (Mercury)
  • The Company Car Fleet Could Be Replaced By Car-Sharing (Good)
  • These 40 Young People Are Transforming Public Transportation (Digital Journal)
  • “More Cyclists Mean Safer Streets” And It’s Working in New York (NYDN)