Today’s Headlines

  • Lee County, Florida, Hopes for TIGER Grant Today (News-Press)
  • Link Between Transpo Planning and Health Gets More Attention (Trans Issues Daily)
  • Richard Florida on Why Start-Ups Are Avoiding Office Parks in the Burbs (Atlantic Cities)
  • Detroit News: Give Up on Feds, Use Private Money for Infrastructure
  • Boomers Opting for Smaller “Pocket Neighborhoods” (AARP)
  • Busy Bike Lanes = Better Business (Triple Pundit)
  • Why Are People Driving Such Short Distances to Park at Metro Stations? (GGW)
  • Coming Up on September 20: Park(ing) Day (Urban Speakeasy)
  • Bike Portland Looks at the Nitty-Gritty of Bike-Share Plans
  • Honda Sees a Way for Smartphones to Protect Pedestrians (Wired)

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