Today’s Headlines

  • AAA Projected More Driving This Labor Day Weekend (The Hill)
  • New FTA Guidance Incentivizes Affordable Housing Near Transit (Rooflines)
  • Arlington, Texas, Loses Distinction of Biggest U.S. City Without Transit (Wired)
  • Infographic: “Pushing a Ton of Metal to Move 200 Lbs. of Flesh is Insanely Inefficient” (Treehugger)
  • How Bike-Share Can Close Cycling’s Gender Gap (Good)
  • Come for the Tune-Up, Stay for the Espresso and the Massage: Bike Shops as Community Centers (WSJ)
  • Fewer Crashes With Green Protected Bike Lane in Long Beach (Press-Telegram)
  • Beyond “Interested But Concerned”: Another Way to Categorize Cyclists (Forbes)
  • Could Smog Push China Toward a Carbon Tax? (NYT)