St. Louis County’s David Wrone Is Our Champion Motor Mouth!

Sometimes public officials say regrettable things. But few of them display the flagrant disregard for part of their constituency that St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic spokesperson David Wrone has.

Wrone was the runaway winner in our recent “Motor Mouths” competition to find the most clueless statement from a transportation official, by demonstrating a complete contempt for pedestrians, cyclists, or transit riders. It shouldn’t be too surprising Wrone won the Motor Mouth trophy — after all, his remarks were the ones that inspired our whole competition. By the time we closed the poll today, 123 people had voted Wrone’s quotes as the worst, fully 50 percent of the total in a seven-way contest.

Let’s review the evidence against Wrone.

“We’re a highway department; not a bicycle department.”

– November 23, 2011, on

and our favorite:

“As a matter of policy, we don’t build dedicated bike lanes. St. Louis County salutes the bike-riding community, but we manage our system in the knowledge that motor vehicles comprise the vast majority of our customer base.”

– June 18, 2013, CBS St. Louis

What else can we say about David Wrone, except that he earned this title?

We’d also like to congratulate our runner up, Tulsa City prosecutor Bob Garner, who admitted to riding his bicycle on the sidewalk, in violation of the local law he himself is charged to uphold, because “that’s just exercising sound discretion for everyone concerned.”

Big thanks to our all contestants and submitters!

9 thoughts on St. Louis County’s David Wrone Is Our Champion Motor Mouth!

  1. St Louis County has a history of open hostility to cyclists. County Highway Director Gary Earls said to cyclists in 2007: “the 10-speed simply isn’t an option for traveling to work or getting children to school.” For the I-64 project across St. Louis, pedestrian bridges were torn down, turning what were once reasonably short walks across a highway to the store into a multi-mile trek across dangerous traffic sewers.

  2. Haha – “St. Louis County salutes the bike-riding community”. I bet they use the same appendage as I do to “salute” bikers!

  3. Stop expecting others to pay for the roads you use. Stop using non-gax tax money for roads. Start paying your own way, Logan Square Driver.

  4. Angie, what is done is worse than this silly rhetoric. StL County, MODOT and elected leaders are consistently lowering the quality of life in the area by ignoring the rights of pedestrians, cyclists and home owners. Research the New 64 to find the real story of how and why the value of life and property is diminished by favoring cars over people.

  5. Bicyclists don’t pay yearly personal property taxes, bi-yearly inspections and licensing, and INSURANCE as required for motorists utilizing the same facilities. [I’ll leave out petrol tax.] I hate to break it to you but BICYCLISTS are the MINORITY; the VAST MINORITY.

    I happen to drive a ton in south county and city and I hardly ever see a bicyclist. Even on nice spring and summer days, the trail along the River Des Peres remains empty. Recently added bicycle lanes throughout south [and north] city remain vacant 99% of the time. Have you driven South Broadway and Morganford since their lane diets (removing two vehicular lanes in each direction in favor of one vehicular lane and a dedicated bicycle lane)? I’m always “stuck” behind a slow-poke and I NEVER see a bicyclist.


    You all want your bicycle lanes and dedicated trails? Then YOU CAN PAY FOR IT AND YOU CAN REIMBURSE ME FOR MY INCONVENIENCE. Get your slow ass bicycle out of my turbocharged way! We outnumber you 10,000:1!

    And put on some normal pants. Men who wear spandex ought to be burned at the stake!

  6. Is this for real? How did someone this ignorant stumble here? I remember a council meeting in our city where a group of concerned citizens were vehemently against building a sidewalk along a road because and I quote “hardly anybody walks there”…… By that same argument, no vehicle road should ever have been built, I’m pretty sure nobody was driving there before you built the roads. As for spending, bicyclists most certainly do pay taxes, but more to the point, you’re an idiot if you think the government only spends on things which benefit you, and I’ll leave it at that.

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