Today’s Headlines

  • There Goes the Neighborhood: Older “Broken Hip-sters” Take Over the City (WSJ)
  • Boomers Tire of Suburban Life, Move Downtown (WaPo, Switchboard)
  • Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Might Not Really Be So Much Cheaper Than HSR (WaPo)
  • Capital Bikeshare Expands Farther and Farther Outside the City (WTOP)
  • Buses Can Run Faster (But Not Much Faster) on Freeways, But Forget About TOD (GGW)
  • Looks Like Dallas’ Party in the Park Could Use a Few More Partygoers (Good)
  • Women Forced to Ride Sidesaddle in Kenya (Thomson Reuters)
  • Want to Hearken Back to the Good Old Days? Look to Strong Towns.
  • Art-film Director Werner Herzog’s Documentary on Texting and Driving (NYT)
  • You Don’t Love Transit Like This Guy Loves Transit (AP)

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