Today’s Headlines

  • California Senators Try to Avoid Repeat of San Francisco Transit Strike (The Hill)
  • Also in California, Labor Dispute Holds Back Fed Funds for Transit (LAT)
  • How Will That Purple Line Private Partnership Work Out for D.C.? (GGW)
  • TIGER Grant to Help Build Modern Train Station in Rochester, NY (Progressive RailroadingAP)
  • Kids Aren’t Really Playing in the Streets Anymore, Are They? (Atlantic Cities)
  • Private Dallas-Houston Rail Project Gets Big Name (Star-TelegramDallas News)
  • What’s the Correlation Between Bike Lanes and Property Values? (Curbed Atlanta)
  • Tampa Transit Advocates Want to See Action Plan (Tampa Tribune)
  • Seattle Times: City Needs Safer Bike Infrastructure
  • “Streetmix” Urban Design App Goes Public (Code for America)

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