Today’s Headlines

  • High-Level Transit Coalition Wants Congress to Reauthorize Parity in Tax Benefits (The Hill)
  • Aren’t We All Driving Less and Owning Fewer Cars? Still, Auto Sales Are Spiking. (BizJournal)
  • The Suburbs’ Descent Into Poverty — and the Way Back Out (Salon)
  • Are the Suburbs Dying or Just Evolving? A Conversation With Leigh Gallagher (WaPo)
  • Jarrett Walker: Stop Designing Transit to Stay Out of the Way of Cars (SF Chronicle)
  • This Ingenious Bike Rack, Designed For Car2Go, Will Get You Banned From Car2Go (Bike Portland)
  • Build Taller in DC and the Skyline Would Look Like This (City Paper)
  • More What Ifs: Maps of Failed Urban Plans (Wired)
  • Cyclists Love Cycle Tracks, and Other Key Findings (Journal of Transport and Land Use)
  • Tijuana’s Answer to Harassment on Buses: The Pink Line, No Men Allowed (U-T San Diego)
  • How Long Your Trip Is Depends on the Land Use Where You’re Going (JTLU)

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