Today’s Headlines

  • An Eloquent Plea for Infrastructure Investment, But No Big Announcements, From Obama Last Week (TID)
  • The Two Faces of Obama on Infrastructure (JoC)
  • Republican T&I Leader Petri Wants Feds to Pay for Air Traffic Control at Private Air Show (The Hill)
  • House Republican Hanna: Highway Trust Fund Is an Archaic Way to Fund Transpo (Trucking Info)
  • Part 5 of Sightline‘s Parking? Lots! Series: The Scourge of Vacant Parking Spots
  • Yonah Freemark on Spain Crash Shouldn’t Make Us Doubt the Safety of High-Speed Rail
  • 54 Solutions to Problems You May Not Have Even Known Washington, DC Had (City Paper)
  • Put Transit Underground, Pay for It By Upzoning (RPUS)
  • SF Weekly: Critical Mass Is a Shell of Its Former Self