Today’s Headlines

  • Anthony Foxx Highlights MAP-21’s Most Successful Program (Transpo Issues Daily)
  • How the Senate and House Diverge on Transportation (Mobilizing the Region)
  • Obama’s “Middle-Out” Theory Works on a City Level, Too (Next City)
  • Former DOT Secretaries Give Advice to Foxx (The Hill)
  • If Summers Leads the Fed, What Would That Mean for Urban Policy? (Next City)
  • MA Passes $800M Transpo Bill (Including Gas Tax Hike) Over Governor’s Veto (Boston Globe)
  • L.A. Transit Projects in Enviable Spot With Federal Dollars (KPCC)
  • Metropolis Chats With Urbanist Peter Calthorpe About High-Speed Rail, TOD and China
  • D.C. Could Get Denser, If It Scraps Height Limit  (Housing ComplexWonkblog)
  • Why Isn’t Portland in More of a Hurry for Bike-Share? (Think Urban)
  • How Mumbai Buses Win Over Commuters (The City Fix)

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