Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood Joins Axelrod’s Political Think Tank (The Hill)
  • The World of the Self-Driving Car: Urban Parks or Suburban Sprawl? (NYT)
  • How the Feds Used to Do Urban Revitalization: Tear Down Housing, Build a Parking Lot (WaPo)
  • Meanwhile, in LA, They Tore Down a Parking Lot and Made a Park (Urban Times)
  • Fortune Editor Foretells the End of the Suburbs
  • Is There a Right to Walkability? In India? (Atlantic CitiesHuman Transit)
  • Read the Fine Print: Bike Portland Finds $42 Million for Bike/Ped in New Legislation
  • New Development Plan for DC’s Takoma Park Metro Is Way Better Than Virginia Stations (GGW, RPUS)