Today’s Headlines

  • The Top of Foxx’s To-Do List: Figure Out a Revenue Source for Transportation (The Hill)
  • Who Better to Unseat Car-Loving Wisc. Gov. Walker Than a Trek Bicycle Executive? (Journal-Sentinel)
  • Keep This in Mind the Next Time You Hear Hysterical Estimates of the Costs of Congestion (WaPo)
  • Lessons From the BART Strike (SPUR)
  • The Limits of Density in the Bay Area (Price Roads)
  • Tahrir Square Isn’t in Some Car-Oriented Suburb (and That’s No Coincidence) (Atlantic Cities)
  • To Revitalize a Blighted Neighborhood, Bring in a Brewery (NYT)
  • Is Paper Pulp the Solution to the Bike-Share Helmet Problem? (Urban Times)
  • Playing Dead on a Stroad Near You (Strong Towns)