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  1. Streetsblog can do better than promote pouring money into BRTs. A far better solution is investing money into narrow self-driving car technology which share the roads much better with bicycles, motorcycles, and cars with passenger sides.

    Toa Greening, a current Auckland, New Zealand city councilman recently proposed ending his city’s traffic congestion by building and leasing single-width microcars that would eventually convert to self-driving vehicles. See his proposal at .

    BRTs are lane restrictive, energy wasteful, and, of course, slow and cumbersome since they require multi-modal transitions. Leasing narrow self driving cars, like bike sharing programs, will lead to less empty seats being transported on our roads and bridges and far more satisfactory commuting.

    Full disclosure: One of my three jobs is Sales Associate for Commuter Cars, builder of the Tango, the car Toa proposes in his report.

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