Today’s Headlines

  • That’s Secretary Foxx to You — Or, It Will Be at the End of This Week (The Hill)
  • Will EPA Nominee Gina McCarthy Be Sacrificed at the Altar of Obama’s Climate Initiative? (WaPo)
  • VA Gubernatorial Candidates Cross Party Lines in Campaign Talk About McDonnell’s Transpo Bill (NBC)
  • Bicycles Outnumber Cars on London Bridges (London SE1)
  • South Carolina’s New Transpo Bill Borrows Money to Avoid Raising Gas Tax (AP)
  • Why Do People Make Such Irrational Decisions When Car-Buying? (Mr. Money Mustache)
  • Leave Transit for the Unwashed Masses: The Upper Crust Rides Uber (Next City)
  • An Ode to Alleys, the Capillaries of a City’s Circulatory System (SPUR)