We Need Your Help Today to Keep Streetsblog Going

This is the last time I’ll ask.

If you haven’t already donated to our spring pledge drive, please let us know you’re out there and you care about what we do. If you have donated, thank you – and feel free to donate again!

Our Parking Madness tournament in March shone a harsh light on some of the most city-deadening expanses of surface parking in U.S. downtowns – and our “winner,” Tulsa, is already taking steps to ensure that they won’t win again next year. Since then, we’ve had some rich, and sometimes raucous, discussions on the blog about self-driving cars, sexism and racism in the bike community, and more. Where else would these conversations happen, if it weren’t for Streetsblog?

Streetsblog’s continued existence depends on your support. We’re a reader-powered news source. If we don’t raise all the money we need to keep going, Streetsblog might not be here in 2014.

And we have to be here in 2014. That’s when MAP-21 expires and Congress will need to pass a new transportation bill. Will lawmakers enact real reforms that change how we prioritize different modes of transportation? And will they finally find a sensible way to pay for it? We look forward to bringing policymakers together with advocates, all of whom read Streetsblog daily, to chart the path forward. But we need your help to make sure we’re still around.

If you give by midnight tonight, you’ll be entered in a contest to win a gorgeous hand-painted Belle Helmet, a Yardstash tent for your bike, or the grand prize of a Dahon folding bike:

Thanks for reading, thanks for donating, and thanks for all you do to make our streets safe and our cities exciting.

– Tanya


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