Today’s Headlines

  • Funeral for Frank Lautenberg Honors Amtrak’s “Best Friend” (AP)
  • Lautenberg Remembered with “Upbeat Eulogies” (The Hill), Including One from Biden (WaPo)
  • Carbon Pricing Catches on Worldwide … Except for U.S. (Grist)
  • Biggest Barrier to Cycling’s Popularity? Distance (Atlantic Cities)
  • Should the Choice Be Price or Quality for California High-Speed Rail? (Mercury News)
  • Milwaukee Court Ruling Could Change the Game for Highway Projects (Atlantic Cities)
  • In PA Senate, “Rural Conservatives and Urban Liberals” Come Together to Raise Transpo Funding (AP)
  • Atlanta Could Reinvent Itself Through Beltline Project (The Dirt)
  • Kentucky Increases Gas Tax This Summer (WKMS)
  • In Chicago, Groupon Donates to Protected Lanes to Honor Staffer Killed in Bike Crash (Sun Times)

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