Today’s Headlines

  • FTA’s Rogoff: “Every Transit Rider Owes a Huge Debt of Gratitude to Sen. Frank Lautenberg” (WNYC)
  • TSTC Calls on Gov. Christie to Replace Sen. Lautenberg With Another Transit Hero…
  • … But Don’t Count on It (Atlantic Wire)
  • It Really Is Your Father’s Oldsmobile: Young People Buying Fewer Cars (U of Michigan)
  • China’s New Pollution Tax Will Bring Gas Tax to $1.62 Per Liter (GreenPacks)
  • Maryland’s Smart Growth Incentives Aren’t Working (Atlantic Cities, Bacon’s Rebellion)
  • Oregonian Buries the Lede: Bike Lanes Reduce Crashes (…But Of Course, Not Their Severity)
  • A To-Do List For LA’s Next Mayor, Written As If the Last Eight Years Never Happened (HuffPo)
  • Study: E-bikes Can Reduce Barriers to Cycling For Some People (EV World)
  • A Video Takedown of Vehicular Cycling (Cantankerous Titles)
  • Do Yourself a Favor and Follow @BicycleLobby on Twitter (Once You’ve Seen This WSJ Lunacy)

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