Today’s Headlines

  • In Spite of High-Profile Accidents, Rails Are Safer Than Ever (APUSA Today)
  • LaHood Praises Bans on Texting Behind the Wheel (The Hill)
  • Baltimore County Exec to Take Reins of Busy Maryland DOT (WaPoCapital Gazette)
  • Lessons Learned from Charlotte’s Streetcar Battles (Charlotte Biz Journal)
  • Zappos Founder’s Project 100 Tries to Get People Out of Cars in Vegas (Good)
  • Congress for New Urbanism: Day 2 in Salt Lake City (Strong Towns)
  • Despite Cash from Feds, D.C. Metro Ridership Falls (Examiner)
  • Mexico’s “Supercivicos” Shame Drivers in Bike Lanes (Treehugger)
  • Why Potential Bike Tax in Portland Isn’t as Unpopular as You May Think (Bike Portland)