Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Bike to Work Day! (HuffPo)
  • Atlantic Cities Celebrates With a List of Bike-Friendliest Neighborhoods in U.S.
  • In Maryland, Over Half of New Gas Tax Money Will Go to Transit (GGW, WaPo)
  • Honoring LaHood: Through a Portrait, and Maybe a Highway? (PJ Star, The Hill)
  • Foxx Vows to Press for Honolulu Rail (Honolulu Civil Beat)
  • Why Are Streetcars So In Right Now? (Salon)
  • Amtrak Head to Chicago Rail Advocates: “Keep Your Vision” (Crain’s Chicago Business)
  • Bond Money at Issue in California High-Speed Rail Trial (AP)
  • Mixed Reactions in Boston to Bike Crash Study Solutions (Globe)
  • Ride-Sharing Startups Have a Tough Go in NYC (GOOD)
  • (Vehicular) Cycling Journalist Argues Against Separated Bike Lanes (Bike Portland)

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  1. Regarding the article against separated bicycle infrastructure, why is it always a choice of protected cycle tracks versus “taking the lane”? How about a third alternative-totally grade-separated bike lanes? If VCs don’t like protected cycle tracks (and I’m not particularly fond of them myself because they do nothing at junctions), then why not advocate for something which is safer AND faster than the alternatives? Seriously, what could be better than riding on a path where you never need to stop, and where you’ll never see a motor vehicle? And if the VCs are against even this, then I just give up.

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