Today’s Headlines

  • Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to Be Nominated Transportation Secretary This Week (HuffPo, TID)
  • CBO: To Keep Transpo Solvent Past 2015, Cut Spending by 92% or Raise Gas Tax by 10 Cents (TID)
  • 93 Percent of U.S. Transportation Still Relies on Fossil Fuels (Face the Facts USA)
  • What If We Never Run Out of Oil? (The Atlantic)
  • Sequestration-Related Air Travel Delays Provide Glimpse Into U.S. Attitude Toward Infrastructure (WaPo)
  • TTI: Once Again, Even Voice-Operated Texting Is Dangerous While Driving
  • Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Breaks Collarbone in Bike Crash — Again (The Hill)
  • Tips From Mr. Money Moustache: Live Close to Work. Ride a Bike. Retire at 30. (WaPo)
  • To Learn How to Boost Transit Use, Survey People Who Don’t Ride (KRQE)
  • “That’s a Good-Looking Train!” Twin Cities Get a Look at Their New Light Rail (Pi Press)
  • Oregon Governor: No Light Rail, No Columbia River Crossing. No Kidding. (Columbian)
  • Adult Bicycling Classes Boom as DC Bike Culture Becomes Peer Pressure (WaPo)

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