Today’s Headlines

  • Will Tolls Fill the Void Left By an Inadequate Gas Tax? (Florida Today)
  • Oil & Gas Industry Whines About Obama’s Plan to Eliminate Tax Loopholes (Reporter News)
  • Seven States with the Lowest Gas Taxes (Motley Fool)
  • Scenes From a De-Sprawling America (Press-Herald)
  • Can Cleveland Stop Cannibalizing Its Own Urban Core? (Plain Dealer)
  • Gov. Perry Wants to Raise Funds For Texas Transpo Without Raising Taxes (Star-Telegram)
  • Times of Oman: If You Don’t Have Bike-Share in Your City Yet, Get With the Program
  • Vietnam Tries to Build Subway Before Their Streets Are Paralyzed With Congestion (NYT)
  • The Thrill and the Danger of Cycling on Country Roads (Pantagraph)
  • Guerrilla Gardening is So 2000s. But Have You Heard About the Fruit Fence? (PopUpCity)

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