Today’s Headlines

  • Shuster’s Brought in a Lot of Campaign Cash as Transpo Chair (Politico)
  • Brookings: Downtowns Weathered the Recession Better Than the Burbs (Next City)
  • … But Job Sprawl Was High in Oklahoma CityKansas CityLee County, FL
  • UN Report: Sustainable City Infrastructures Promote Economic Growth
  • Twin Cities Transit Expansion = Jobs (Star Tribune)
  • GGW on Why Portland’s Parking Policy Shouldn’t Set Example for D.C.
  • Toronto Report: Gas Tax, Sales Tax, Parking Fees Should Pay for Transit (Metro NewsStar)
  • In San Diego Program, Bikes Help Ex-Offenders Transition (San Diego City Beat)
  • Chicago Transit Officials Wary About Spike in Free Ride Permits (Trib)
  • Set to Launch: Women Bike Philly (Bike League)

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