Today’s Headlines

  • East Coast Transit Agencies on Alert After Boston Explosions (Daily Record, The Hill x2)
  • NYC Citi Bike Starts Enrolling Members (Streetsblog NYC)
  • Cobb County Officials Struggle to Bring Transit Back From the Brink (AJC)
  • Washington Gov. Wants to “Right-Size” Transportation Projects (Transpo Issues Daily)
  • Nonprofit Wants to Put Climate Change Warning Labels on Gas Pump Nozzles (Good)
  • Building a Taller and Heavier Parking Garage In Order to Repurpose It (Housing Complex)
  • Small Transit Problems Can Create a Big Barrier to People With Disabilities (WSJ)
  • Sprawl Reduces Opportunities For Human Contact (Phys.Org)
  • Getting Moms — of All Incomes — On Bikes (Bike League)