Today’s Headlines

  • Forbes: ASCE Lobbyists Are in League With Big Government to Spend, Spend, Spend
  • Truckers Worry Infrastructure Bank Could Turn Highways into a “Piggy Bank” (Land Line)
  • What’s the Point of All This Amtrak Bullying? (Railway Age)
  • Americans on Global Climate Catastrophe: “Meh” (WaPo)
  • As Transit Ridership Soars Nationwide, Atlanta’s MARTA Spirals Downward (Next City)
  • Lesson From the Yankees: Don’t Count on High Parking Demand to Pay Your Bills (TSTC)
  • Fare Hikes and Sub-Par Service in Store For Utah Transit Authority Riders (SL Tribune)
  • Seattle Residents Face Transit Cuts (Transpo Nation)
  • Charming: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Responds to Transit Idea With “Vomiting Sounds” (The Star)
  • The Difference Between Maryland and Virginia Transpo Funding Plans (WaPo)
  • Oregon Still Fighting For the Chance to Use “Highway” Dollars For Non-Highways (Oregonian)

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