Today’s Headlines

  • Will Oil Drilling Revenue Idea Fracture the Harmony of Transpo Committees? (Politico)
  • State of California vs. Everybody, Re: High-Speed Rail (Mercury News)
  • ATU Asks Obama to Address Bus Driver Fatigue (The Hill)
  • Gas Tax Hike Passes in New Hampshire House (Union Leader, Patch)
  • T4America Looks at Maryland’s Approach to Transpo Funding
  • Google Maps Improves Live Transit Info For NYC, SLC, DC (TechCrunch, Cyclelicious)
  • Connecticut Well-Positioned to Use Fed Funds for Transit (MTR)
  • GGW Compares Density Patterns of Large U.S. Cities
  • Think Tank Calls for Gas Tax, Fare Increases to Fund Massachusetts Transpo (Boston Herald)
  • Bike Summit Attendee Brings Wisdom Back to Portsmouth, NH (Seacoast Online)

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