Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Passes Budget For First Time in 4 Years — What Now? (Transpo Issues Daily)
  • Maryland House Approves Gas Tax Hike (AP)
  • Virginia Transpo Plan Gets Constitutional Challenge From Attorney General (NBC4)
  • Vermont Might Make Hybrid Drivers Pay Into Transportation Fund (VT Digger)
  • AP: Raiding Transportation Funds For Other Programs Is an Awesome Idea
  • NYC Mayoral Candidate Sal Albanese Wants to Organize “Mayors for Mass Transit” (MSNBC)
  • Buffalo’s “Train to Nowhere” Becomes a Hotbed of Urbanist Development (Buffalo News)
  • An Argument For TxDOT to Fund County Road Maintenance (Burnt Orange Report)
  • Bicycling Isn’t Just For the Able-Bodied (ABC9)
  • AirBnb for Cars: Ride-Sharing on the Rise (Good)

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