Today’s Headlines

  • No New Transpo Secretary Yet, But the Buzz Is Still All About Deborah Hersman (WaPo)
  • Buy America Fight Returns to Congress (National Journal)
  • Behind the Veil at U.S. DOT: A Tour for Bike Advocates (Bike Portland)
  • Here’s an Idea: Rake in Transpo Revenues and Bankrupt Everything Else (
  • With the Feds Out of the Picture, Would Texas Have More Transit? (Chronicle, Atlantic Cities)
  • Pittsburgh Announces Bike-Share (The Republic)
  • Ohio Transportation Plan Raises Speed Limit, Freezes Toll Rates (Toledo Blade)
  • Bring on the Transit in North Carolina, If By “Transit” You Mean “Roads” (Herald-Sun)
  • Calgary’s Struggle With Infill Development Mandates and Transit (Calgary Herald)
  • Would a Bicycle Tax to Pay for Bicycle Infrastructure Be Such a Bad Thing? (LAT)
  • … Or Would Drivers Volunteer to Pay for Bike Projects? (Bike Portland)

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