Today’s Headlines

  • House Budget Locks in Sequestration, Senate Unveils Its Proposal Today (Transpo Issues Daily)
  • This Could Be the Year For Major Tax Reform (and a Solution to the Transpo Fiscal Cliff?) (WaPo)
  • What the Bike Summit Teaches Us About the State of the Movement (Bike Portland)
  • How Bike Advocates Can Make MAP-21 Work For Them (Bike League)
  • 24 Countries With Better Infrastructure Than the U.S. (Business Insider)
  • O’Malley’s Complicated Gas Tax Math in Maryland (Kent County News)
  • Will Lighting a Train Station Like a Dance Club Make Transit Cool? (NYT)
  • The Web of Interconnected Tradeoffs a Transit Engineer Must Make (Human Transit)
  • Gender on the Roadways: More Women Driving Less (Transpo Nation)