Today’s Headlines

  • The Case for a Higher Gas Tax (NYT)
  • Obama Loses “Trusted Quarterback” in LaHood (Politico)
  • The Social Justice Agenda Includes Public Transportation (Boston Review)
  • USDA Works to Weave Smart Growth Into Agriculture, Rural Development
  • Freakonomics Podcast: How Do We Pay for Our Roads?
  • Shuster Responds to “Fix It First” With a Call to Build Faster (Progressive Railroading)
  • New Transpo Chief in Washington State Backs Tolls, Gas Tax (King5)
  • WaPo: O’Malley Needs to Push It With Maryland Transpo
  • Oregon Lottery Funds Could Go Toward Bike/Ped/Transit (Oregonian)
  • BRT Expected to Spur Development in Nashville (Nashville Biz Journal)
  • Maybe Bike Maps Should Be Based on Comfort Levels? (Good)

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