So God Created Transit: A Fitting Response to Dodge Ram’s Super Bowl Ad

Hey, so you also shed a tear or two for the Dodge Ram “So God Made a Farmer” Super Bowl commercial before you realized it was about trucks. Because really, what does Dodge have to do with the noble, heart-warming, bittersweet story of farmers anyway? It’s a speech conservative radio personality Paul Harvey gave in 1978, and you can be pretty sure he wasn’t thinking of the two-ton Dodge Ram.

Well, Diana Lind, editor of Next City, also felt manipulated by Dodge’s unabashed attempt to steal some of the honor Harvey bestows on farmers. She objected to the way the commercial “conflated the merits of people with those of cars.”

“Which seems a bit sad for 2013, when in the past six months climate change has reared its ugly head and begged us to change our consumption economy for something a bit more sustainable,” she wrote. “And the nostalgic imagery — as if we only believe in farmers and soldiers to represent the best of humanity, and as if buying a car is a noble act — started to offend me.

So what did she do? She made her own video. It’s a commercial for transit, and it’s actually about transit, not farmers or fairies or veterinarians or anything else. She apologizes for making it hastily and without a lot of video-making expertise, but I think it’s brilliant. I think the country needs to see it and begin to appreciate their city’s humble transit service.

Now who’s going to make a bike/ped answer to the heartstring-pulling Jeep commercial about soldiers returning from war?

  • “Because really, what does Dodge have to do with the noble, heart-warming, bittersweet story of farmers anyway?”

    I don’t know.  Perhaps its what they use to haul crops to market?  Cattle?  Horses? Or maybe because Chrysler made tractors and other heavy equipment for decades?

    Call me when an 8 car Metro train rolls by with cattle and corn bound for Fredericksburg.  LOL

  • Diana

    Thanks for drawing attention to the video! 

  • the greasybear

    Silky, family farmers like those ostensibly praised in the commercial are unlikely to afford–and unlikely to get a bank loan for–a $45,000 pickup truck.

  • “family farmers like those ostensibly praised in the commercial are unlikely to afford–and unlikely to get a bank loan for–a $45,000 pickup truck.”

    you have no concept of what farmers and their families make, do you?

  • vcs

    Also a basic farmer-style pickup truck is more like $20K, and can be written-off as a business expense.

  • the greasybear

    Silky: ad hominem. Lame.

  • Silky – nobody is hauling 150 bushel/acre corn to the grain elevator in a pickup truck.

    It’s going in a big ass grain car to the grain elevator where it gets put onto…. a train.

  • KillMoto


  • Anonymous

    Re: Jeep & soldiers – quick, go ask BORP!

  • poncho

    Silky I forgot agriculture began after ‘Henry Ford invented the car’. Believe it or not people lived and worked before motor vehicles.

  • they’re hauling cattle, horses, any number of products by truck.

  • not to mention a farmer sitting on 50 acres of farm land should have little trouble getting a car loan – be it $20k or $45k

  • the post above makes a snide comment regarding the relationship between Dodge and farmer when Chrysler and its products have had a huge role in the ag industry in the country.

  • Actually, comparing transit and farming is like apples and oranges, you don’t find that much transit out in farm country and you don’t see a farmer and his truck every day in the city. So making fun of transit because it doesn’t haul farm goods is useless.

  • jim.moore70

    Lovely video. I hope that enough people take some time when on transit to consider that their taxes are paying not only for this carmaker’s ad but also for their governments to subsidise and bail out the carmakers when they failed financially.

  • KillMoto

    You are either blind, or choosing not to see, if you thing that ad was aimed at farmers.  

    What I see is it’s aimed at farmer wannabees, urban cowboys, and ends up – like the gun designed as a hunting rifle in the hands of a school shooter – a tool of intimidation, killing motorists, cyclists and people on sidewalks waiting for the city bus…

  • afraid of cars and guns?  LOL   might know one would find one of your types here…how close to DuPont do you live fancy nancy?

  • Silky, you can only haul a few horses or cattle behind a pickup. For a bigger number you need a semi (a Mack, Peterbuilt, Freightliner, White, etc). For really long hauls, trucking companies are turning rail to save on fuel (trailer on flat car/container on flat car).

  • Mz0ne

    Thank you God for putting the words in Diana Lind’s mind & having her to speak so truthfully to your people about “Why You Created Transit”! 🙂


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