Today’s Headlines

  • In Inaugural Speech, Obama Pledges Action on Cities, Infrastructure, Climate (Next City, Transpo Nation)
  • Can Obama Really Do Anything on Climate Change? (WaPo)
  • How DC’s Metro Handled the Inauguration Throngs: Intent (HuffPo) vs. Reality (AP)
  • House Transportation Committee Gets to Work This Week (The Hill)
  • On MLK Day, Reflecting on Transportation Apartheid (and What to Do About It) (Op-Ed News)
  • LaHood Still Evasive About His Future (Daily Beast)
  • The Senate Might Actually Pass a Budget — And Everything Else Could Fall Into Place (WaPo)
  • The Road-Spending Deficit Is Even Worse For States and Cities Than For Feds (CPA Practice Advisor)
  • AIRMIKA:¬†Automotive Black Box Evidence Should Be Made Public to Promote Safety (The Hill)
  • If You’re Going to Have Urban Freeways, They Must Include Transit (Streets.MN)
  • Google Bicycle Directions Can’t Recognize Bike Boulevards (
  • Hands-Free Text Messages Still Make For Dangerous Driving (Atlantic Cities)
  • Is Congestion Pricing as Effective at Reducing VMT as Congestion Is? (Road Pricing)

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