Today’s Headlines

  • Report Recommends BRT For NYC As Hedge Against Future Storms (Transpo Nation)
  • LA Targets Infrastructure Repair With New Property Tax Measure (LAT)
  • How DC Came to Be the Undisputed King of U.S. Bike-Sharing (Slate)
  • DC Wants It All: Transit, Bikes, Traffic Management and Road Widening (WaPo)
  • More Noise Pollution, Please: How to Save Pedestrians From Hybrid Cars (The Hill)
  • Got 240 Hours? Experience the Lives of Transit Workers Around the World (Co.Exist)
  • Want People to Love Walking? Build Sidewalks Like These (FlavorWire via Good)
  • Montana (!!) Gets Serious About Sustainable Transportation (Montana State Univ.)
  • Some Pretty Obvious Strategies For Luring Drivers Onto Transit (Atlantic Cities)
  • “User Pays”: A Simple Slogan For Getting Past Opposition to a Gas Tax Hike (Post and Courier)

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