Today’s Headlines

  • Fiscal Cliff Deal Suddenly Doesn’t Seem So Impossible (WaPo)
  • Conservatives Freak Out About Post-Sandy Transpo Spending (National ReviewHeritage)
  • Why Telework Bombed Among Federal Employees (Federal Times)
  • Train Travel Makes a Comeback (MSN Money)
  • Alaska Won’t Destroy Nature Refuge to Reduce Paralyzing 3-Minute Congestion Delays (ADN)
  • Crowd-Sourced Transpo Apps Make Transit Riders Happy, Encourage Distracted Driving (Co-Design)
  • Orlando Gets Another Fantasy-Land Rail System (Transpo Nation)
  • DC Commission Decision Could Keep Long Commutes For Charter School Kids (GGW)
  • Which Conservative Recommended Bikes-Only Street Grids For Disasters? (

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