Today’s Headlines

  • Mica Predicts No New Bill Till 2016 (National Journal)
  • Raise the Gas Tax As Part of the Fiscal Cliff Deal (Switchboard)
  • Green Means Go: More U.S. Cities Adopt Bicycle Traffic Signals (Daily Mail)
  • Mayor Rahm’s “Let Them Drive Cars” Moment Highlights Necessity of Transit (Care2)
  • In Order For Cities to Keep Subsidizing Rural Areas, They Need High Quality Transit (Keystone Politics)
  • Jerry Brown Hopes Sovereign Wealth Funds Want to Take a Risk on California HSR (BusinessWeek)
  • Parking Policy Is About Allocating Scarce Resources, Not Some Government War on Cars (WaPoGGW)
  • Tracking By Insurance Companies Helps People Drive Less (And Primes the Pump For a VMT) (Atlantic)
  • You Take the Bus; I’ll Take a Personal Helicopter: A Case Against Sanity (Forbes)
  • More Bicycling, Fewer Crashes (Chicago Now)
  • Ten Steps Toward Walkability, A Look at Jeff Speck’s New Book (Switchboard)
  • The Ten Smartest Cities in North America (Fast Company)

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