Today’s Headlines

  • The Fiscal Cliff Could Lead to a Recession That Would Reduce VMT, Transpo Use (Reuters)
  • Fiscal Cliff Tax Overhaul Should Include Blumenauer’s Commuter Tax Reform (Mobilizing the Region)
  • Election Fallout: Could Sen. Barbara Boxer Leave the EPW Committee Chair? (Bike League)
  • Politicians Fiddle While the Planet Burns 4 Degrees Hotter (Salon)
  • Bud Wright to Lead AASHTO After a Long Career of Building Highways
  • Congress Reads Silver Line Bosses the Riot Act For Corrupt Practices (Transpo Nation)
  • VA Gov. McDonnell Considers Plan to Index Gas Tax to Inflation (
  • Kaid Benfield Speaks His Mind in Support of DC Height Restrictions (Atlantic Cities)
  • DC Proposes Paying For Lower Speeding Tickets By Cutting Affordable Housing (GGW)
  • With Pro-Rail Mayor Elected, Honolulu Receives $1.55B in Federal Money For Transit Line (KHON2)
  • Slower Recovery NJ Transit’s Fault? (Transpo Nation)
  • Smart Growth Is For the Birds (

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