Today’s Headlines

  • Obama: I Haven’t Done Enough About Climate Change (WaPo)
  • Who Will Be the Next Transportation Secretary? (Governing)
  • Orlando Sentinel: “Outside Chance” Mica Will Retain Post
  • Critical Court Decision Comes Today for California High-Speed Rail (AP)
  • LaHood to Testify on Nepotism-Plagued Dulles Board (WaPo, Hill)
  • Bike Advocates Rely on Local, Not Federal, Government (Roll Call)
  • Union Talks Delay Chicago Transit’s Budget Release (Tribune)
  • Florida’s Transpo Problems Mirror the Nation’s (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)
  • Arlington, VA, Takes Bikes Seriously (Bacon’s Rebellion)
  • Human Transit: Uncrowded Buses Aren’t Necessarily a Problem

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