Today’s Headlines

  • State DOTs Have No Control Over Transportation Alternatives Funds Under MAP-21 (Bike League)
  • Illinois Rail Meets “High-Speed” Definition (Grid Chicago)
  • Amtrak Could Cut Kansas-to-New Mexico Route (New Mexican)
  • U.S. DOT: No More Leniency For Unsafe Bus Companies (BusinessWeek)
  • Developer Builds Seattle’s Tallest Residential Building and Saves a Nearby Mountain (Grist)
  • These Airlines Will Book You a Seat on the Next Train (NYT)
  • With Proof That Separated Bike Lanes Save Lives, Can We Agree We Need Them? (Bike Portland)
  • Urban Density Leads to Prosperity, Sprawl Just Leads to Congestion (Toronto Star)
  • DC’s Zoning Rewrite Gets Rid of Parking Minimums, Should Also Set Maximums (GGW)
  • Labor Disputes, Like Wal-Mart’s, Have Big Impacts For Cities’ Prosperity (Next American City)

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