Today’s Headlines

  • Examiner: What Are Romney’s Plans for Transpo Policy?
  • Virginia Railway Fares Could Spike With Loss of State Funds (WaPo)
  • Train Hits 111 MPH in Illinois Test Run; Sun Times is Underwhelmed
  • How Breaking Records Has Become a Broken Record for Amtrak (Atlantic Cities)
  • Chicago Aldermen Want Input on Bike Lanes (Tribune)
  • Baton Rouge Transit Officials May Have to Renege on Election Promises (AP)
  • UCLA Expert: BRT’s the Better Investment for Honolulu (KITV)
  • Pennsylvania Region Talks About Consolidating Transit to Get More Aid (Times Leader)
  • Copenhagen Shelves Congestion Pricing For Now (Road Pricing)
  • Skeptics Ask: Why Does Kansas City Need Streetcars When It Has Buses? (The Star)

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