Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood to Talk Light Rail in Detroit (Free Press)
  • A Plea to Make Reducing the Death Toll on American Streets a Presidential Priority (NYT)
  • Will the Proposed I-11 Be “The Last American Superhighway”? (Next American City)
  • Experts: Pittsburgh Has Ingredients for Smart Transit (Post-Gazette)
  • Feds Give $75M to Extend Mesa, AZ Light Rail (Republic, AP)
  • CNN Looks at the Long Brotherhood of Politics and Railways
  • Smart Growth Group Takes Issue with GMU Study on D.C. Commuting
  • In California, Gas Prices Drive Growth of Cycling, But Don’t Increase Transit Use in North County
  • Louisville, KY Celebrates “Open Streets” Movement (Courier Journal)
  • Can a Cardboard Bicycle Change the World? (CNBC)


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