Today’s Headlines

  • Under GOP Attack, Amtrak Ridership Hits Record High (AP)
  • Massachusetts Looks to Triple Non-Car Travel by 2030 (The Globe, The Republican)
  • Chicago Declares Busy Street “Greenest in America” (Sun-Times)
  • Bike Economy Reaches Critical Mass in Detroit (Model D)
  • DC: Don’t Get Too Excited for That Streetcar Yet (GGW, Housing Complex)
  • LaHood Highlights Public Transit in Rural South Dakota (AP)
  • Next American Vanguard: Raleigh, NC’s “Civic Instigator”
  • How Bike-Sharing Fits Into a Chaotic Mexico City (IPS)
  • Vancouver Successfully Stomps Down Transit Crimes (The Sun)
  • NJ Transit Employees Lose Free Rides (
  • Concord, N.H. Cyclist Pushes for Bike-Friendly Main Street

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