Today’s Headlines

  • Oberstar, Villaraigosa, Rendell… Who Will Replace LaHood? (National Journal)
  • NRDC Pleads With States to Use Air Quality Improvement Funds For Intended Use
  • TSTC Pleads With NY Gov. Cuomo to Use Bike/Ped Funds For Intended Use (Streetsblog NYC)
  • Romney Used to Think High Gas Prices and Fuel Efficiency Were a Good Idea (Gas 2)
  • Why the Equity Argument Against Congestion Pricing Doesn’t Work (Road Pricing)
  • Feds Pony Up For Goal of New Haven, CT to Springfield, MA at 110 MPH (CBS)
  • Denver Faces Culture Clash Over Bike-Share (Denver Post)
  • If You Close a Highway and Nobody Cares, Is It Still Carmageddon? (Atlantic Cities, LA Streetsblog)
  • Penny-Pinching Europeans Fall For Ride-Sharing (NYT)
  • Bicycle Paths Need to Connect to Be Useful (Placemakers)
  • APA President Mitchell Silver: Planners Are Too Focused on Land Use and Transportation (Urban Times)


3 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. I wonder if the OKC post is current as the date seems to be June 13, 2000 and references Mayor Kirk Humphreys who is not the current mayor.

  2. Thank you, @yahoo-B2UHPO7TUI5BAB275JZCI45N2U:disqus ! I removed that item. You’re right: It was under the headline “Flashback IV.” A walk down the memory lane of land-use-related firings I guess?

  3. It made me wonder as the date on the article seemed old but there was current comments on  it.  I wasn’t sure what was going on.

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