Today’s Headlines

  • Plain Dealer Talks Infrastructure With Obama and Romney
  • Grist Sums Up The Candidates’ Positions on Energy
  • White House Thinks Sequestered Budget Cuts Will Be Avoided (Trans Issues Daily)
  • MAP-21’s Focus on Rail Does a Disservice to Bus-Oriented Systems (KCRG)
  • How the Feds Promoted Sprawl to End the Depression (And Eventually Create Another One) (KCET)
  • Bloomberg: Gas Tax Is One of the 5 “Good Taxes” That Should Be Raised (And Hit With Sales Tax Too)
  • Air Travel to Get Even Crappier (WaPo)
  • “Pushing Helmets Really Kills Cycling and Bike-Sharing in Particular” (NYT)
  • Thousands Celebrate 20th Anniversary of SF Critical Mass (SF Gate)
  • Envy (And Humor) Over NYC’s Effort to Get Taxi Riders to Stop Dooring Cyclists (Grid Chicago, SNL)

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